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How to Get your BOD Holiday Ready

Aug 2017

Gals, it’s holiday season. This can mean two things: you’re itching to board that plane to paradise, but you’re a bit worried about getting in a bikini?! We get it, but you’re in the right place.

Our Sweat, Sculpt and Control Range has been designed with occasion in mind; whether that be a big gals night out, a hot date or your holiday! We’re going to let you in on some secrets for getting you to PEAK BOD goals.
So, you may be asking yourself, what’s BOD?! What can BOD do for me?
BOD is in the game of making girls feel damn good about themselves when it matters most, we’re here to beat the bloat with a 3-prong approach:


Girls, this is the wonder product you didn’t know you’ve been waiting for. Our Body Boost Bath Prep helps you Beat the Bloat by driving out excess water that might make you feel a bit puffy while you’re in your bikini. You can lose pounds from lying in a bath, forget about the gym!


Our Everyday Body Boost Sorbet is proven to hydrate for 24 hours of smooth, soft, silky skin so that you’ll be glistening on the beach! It’s proven to reduce cellulite, which we all have but aren’t the biggest fans of on hols. Not only that, it can shrink your problem areas by up to 2cm! We won’t bore you with the science-stuff (see here for deets) but it has a natural fat burning ingredient inside it which helps thin your fat cells. Babe, you’re welcome.


Konjac Root is a natural fibre that absorbs water in the body to help us feel fuller so if you, like us, are human and guilty of ‘overeating’, like… every day, pop one of these babies to feel satisfied for longer. Start taking our Body Boost Food Supplements a few weeks before your hols for the ultimate beach prep.
Team up this trio with drinking plenty of water and eating a balanced diet, you’ll be feeling Sexy AF for this summer’s holiday- no matter what your #bodygoal is, with BOD you can just feel the best version of yourself. That’s all we want, right?!
Keep your eyes peeled on the blog, more tips and workouts will be coming your way from our Bod Babes.
Treat yourself to our Holiday Bundle and get ready for take-off

BOD’s landed ladies, and it’s gonna be good.