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Fish friendly glitter and our product development journey

Sam Murton

Posted on August 06 2018

The fabulous team at Glamour magazine have recently posted an article called 'Its time to embrace green glitter' which shared some Ocean Friendly glitters products and the importance of choosing biodegradable glitter over anything that isn't (and included BOD Shimmer Spray and Glitter Gel in the write up which was fab). 

Following on from the David Attenborough programme, Blue Planet  its something that we're all talking about and its very much in mind when we're developing new products.

As a new business (we're only 8 months old!) we've had to make a few strategic decisions on how we develop all our brands and and we've chosen to focus first on the products themselves - making sure they not only deliver a great result but also that they are as animal friendly as possible. Obviously nothing is tested on animals but, for example, all but one of our BOD products are Vegan and all our glitters are fish friendly, made of products that when the degrade, do not cause harm.  

Our BOD Body Scrub with Honey and Brown Sugar is not Vegan (the honey is the main issues here) and because of this, we're looking to reformulate and change the product so we can develop a better, Vegan version. It is however, fish friendly with the glitter included fully biodegradable.

Next focus, packaging. As with most beauty brands, plastic packaging makes up a big part of our range, along with foil pouches for our BOD Bath Salts (all Vegan and fish friendly). We're working with our supplier on how we move our brands over to plastics that are easy to recycle, and we're also researching biodegradable options for the future.

But its surprising on how few solutions there are. However, the industry is starting to realise that it needs to act and we all need to be on board, pushing for change. 

We're certainly not perfect but this is something that we know needs to be addressed - we'll update you on how we're getting on and new developments when we can.