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BOD BABE: Yoshe Rose

Aug 2017

When we met Yoshe, we knew she was BOD perfection and certainly Sexy AF. Self-described as ‘confident and carefree in front of a camera’, who could be better to help us get perfect BOD selfies? Check out our chat with Yoshe-Rose about everything BOD: 

Photo: Korrine Sky Intimates

What is Sexy AF to you?

Sexy AF is more than a feeling; it's a mentality, a mind-set, a lifestyle. It's about more than putting on clothes and a killer pair of heels. It's about mentally, emotionally and physically knowing you're a goddess and you can slay ANYTHING. Clothes and beyond. I feel Sexy AF in the skin I'm in. 

How do you make sure that you feel Sexy AF on a night out?

Before a night out, I do the general girly thing. I do a face mask. I take a longer shower than usual; shaved legs and armpits to then drown my newly smooth skin in coconut oil and perfume. I make sure I have a fresh haircut and have my eyebrows threaded. But of course, gotta make sure I'm blasting out music to put me in the mood. I’ll make sure I’ve had a big dinner and then a bottle of wine with my people before we're on our way!

What do you do to blow off steam?

I write songs to blow off steam, I write down my general thoughts and feelings. On top of that, I take out everything I'm feeling on the gym- and I pole dance, too!
When we can, I go to the nail shop with my gals. In my opinion, you should never have one way to blow off steam, you should have a variety of things that just make you feel good when you do them. 

What are your five essentials to take on holiday?

My number one is coconut oil! This melanin must be shining worldwide.
My journal too, so I can write music, thoughts and feelings to remain sane.
A Polaroid camera, to capture EVERYTHING. 
Some colourful bikinis, for my beautiful skin to shine. 
A book, for when I want to kick back at the pool with a cocktail and be a little stimulated mentally. 

Photo: Blue Spit

What are your top tips for taking the best BOD selfie? 

There has to be an element of candidness to it! Nobody likes a planned selfie, they don't come out as good. Natural lighting is ALWAYS your best lighting. On a sunny day, utilise that sunshine and watch how you'll be glowing. To get my selfies BOD worthy, I use the VSCO app. Best app to use for self-editing, subtle changes that make the world of difference. Then let your beautiful face and features take the lead from there. 


Photo: Aiden HW

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