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BOD BABE: Lucinda

Aug 2017

Lucinda is a part-time fashion/ beauty/ lifestyle blogger and part-time Marketing Manager. This babe is busy killing it professionally but when she does have time she likes to chill with her gals, complete with her flowing silver locks and winged liner looking flawless. BOD chatted to Lucinda to pick her brains on fashion advice for curvy girls and her beauty tips of the season.



1) What is Sexy AF to you?

 Having the confidence to do whatever you want and being 100% yourself! On a night out, I make sure I wear something that fits my body type, which for me is a dress that is more fitted around the bust but more flowy around the waist. On top of that I snatch my hair and makeup. I feel so much more confident with a good winged liner and nude lip- that’s my go-to makeup look that makes me feel 100% myself. Confidence is key, if you’re confident, it all comes together after that.

2)  How do you make sure that you’ll feel Sexy AF on a night out?


Put on the sexiest outfit I can find, so something that makes me feeeeel myself, and snatch my hair and makeup. I’m not a big fan of a body con dress. My go-to outfit would be, as I said, a more flowy dress. Failing that, if I’m having a day that I don’t feel too good, anything black makes me happy. If I’m wearing black, I’ll make it more interesting with a more dramatic makeup look, whether that be a more full-on liner or a bit of eyeshadow. Of course, I can’t leave the house for a night out with some false lashes! Any strip lashes that I can get my hands on makes me feel Sexy AF! Before a night out, I always put a loose wave into my hair- and extensions, always!

Lucindaanderson Bod Babe

3) What do you do to relax?

Take a nice hot bath with BOD!!! Its 100% what makes me feel the most relaxed. I also love to go for drinks with my gals for a catch up. I prefer a quieter bar with less music so we can have a chat, with a nice glass of red wine! I’m not really a gym girl so really appreciate time with the girls to relax, if we don’t fancy a night out, we might just meet up for a coffee in a cute cafe.

4) What are your 5 essentials to take on holiday? 

Before I go on holiday, I’ll always go on a huge shop! My 5 essentials would probably be BOD, a good pair of sunnies, a floral sun dress, fake tan, and tanning oil/moisturiser! My fave moisturiser is the BOD Everyday Sorbet, which makes me feel so much tighter. I’ll always fake tan before I go on holiday to make sure I’m glowing in the sunshine, too. A great tip is mixing tanning mousse with a body oil to get the right colour and makes me glow.

When I’m by the pool, I’ll always use a tanning oil to make sure I’m have a lovely healthy glow when I get back to the rainy UK. To feel confident in my bikini, I’ll always use BOD prior to my holiday, but on the day I’ll put on some tinted moisturiser, fill in my brows and maybe put on a nude lip- my go-to! 

5) What are your top tips for taking the best selfie for BOD selfie month? 

Take it where there’s most light, so in front of a window, no artificial lighting please! Also make sure your face and hair is SNATCHED. I always align slightly to the side (whichever side is your best side) Then just throw on a good filter and you’re good to go! I normally edit them on VSCO which makes it really easy and so accessible for others trying to get their perfect BOD selfies! The colour I go for depends on my Instagram at the time. I like to go through phases of brighter or darker pictures to make sure there’s a theme at the time. If I have someone to take photos for me, I love a candid shot too, of course!  

Lucindaanderson Bod babe



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