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Hey - Welcome to THE INKEY LIST

Sam Murton

Posted on August 22 2018

Welcome to THE INKEY LIST | Key ingredient skin care

The ultimate end goal for all of us is healthy looking skin, right?

We all likely have some idea what our skin type is, our concerns and some form of skincare routine, whether that consists of a face wipe or whether you can read an ingredients list like a pro.

But a one size fits all approach to your skincare might not necessarily be providing your skin with what it really needs.  The reality is, everyone’s skin is different, and our own skin changes with lifestyle, seasons and over time.

Introducing THE INKEY LIST...

We are passionate about making premium skincare accessible to all. Bringing you the hottest ingredients at give-it-a-go prices and providing simple, honest advice to help you find what’s right for you.

THE INKEY LIST is a collection of 15 of hero-ingredients selected and developed by us for their ability to address a number of skincare concerns with proven efficacy. Formulated by a team of experts and scientists with over 50 years of skincare experience.

Your skin is completely unique, and the beauty of our hero-ingredient products means you can create your very own recipe. Customisable skincare that’s right for you.


Your Beauty Translator...

We totally understand that skincare can seem a little overwhelming and that ingredients can sound a little scary. At THE INKEY LIST, we’re here to be your Beauty Translator, breaking through the jargon and providing you with the information you need to make the right choices.

The ingredients used in our products are often found within our own bodies or are from natural sources such as plants, milk and fruits. Nothing to be afraid of when used correctly and if you need any advice, ask us and we’re happy to help.


Beauty Translated...

In addition to our Beauty Translators, we're going to share as much information and advice as we can through our blog, Beauty Translated. If you have any subjects you want to us to research or comment on so it helps our wider audience, email us and we'll be back in touch.


If you fancy giving THE INKEY LIST a go, here’s some good, honest advice to get you started.

Start with your primary concern…

…and build your recipe out from there. Whilst we may have more than one skin concern, many of our products can offer multiple benefits and may be able to help with your secondary concerns. On our product pages the four key benefits of each are listed.

Using products together

There’s no problem with using multiple products at one time, they have been formulated for this purpose. Most of our products get along together just fine, however there are a few that are best not to combine. Any flags on how to use and with what are in our INKEY LIST advice tab on our product pages.

You don’t need to overdo it

Sometimes when you see amazing results it’s easy to think more is more. Listen to you skin and dial up and down product usage as your needs change.

Patch test

If you have sensitive skin, or are new to particular products, it’s always good to do a patch test on the underside of your forearm 24 hours before use.

Introduce one product at a time

It’s the easiest way to identify if something isn’t right for you.

Don't forget - everyone’s skin is different

We live by this. You may try an ingredient that your skin absolutely loves, or try something someone with similar skin raves about but find it isn’t for you. That’s completely normal and you will find the right thing you may just have to try a few different products to find what’s best for you.

Give it long enough

Whilst you may see some quick results we recommend using a product for 30 days to see full results. This is because that’s how long it takes for your skin to complete a renewal cycle. This varies and increases with age but we would recommend 30 days as general rule.

If you have any questions click here to ask@theinkeylist .




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